For the same creative writing class mentioned in my last post, I had to write a sonnet. It’s the first poem I’ve ever written that had to follow a specific form. Everything else I’ve written was free style. When reading the poem, try to put special emphasis on the last word of each line. It makes it much better. I hope you enjoy!


You hear it call-no feel it call, but fight
you must.  No more will it have you in its
grasp.  Every day brings struggle and new fright.
Some days are fine.   Some days are like the Blitz

krieg war.  Addiction is the name that holds
so tight.  You want to stop and need to stop.
The feeling calls, around you it enfolds.
So small in my hand, as though a dewdrop.

White and round, I want-but I don’t.  So small.
What about it makes me want it so much?
How? How does it stay in my mind and call?
Try to stop.  It’s keeping me in its clutch.

I can’t fight this on my own.  Help-I need.
Addiction is cutting me…and I bleed.


Thanks for reading!

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