A Work in Progress

If only you knew how your dreams could come true.
Your heart would cry a thousand tears.

My soul is black. My heart not strong.
Wishing on a star in a world of pain.

If only you could see the soul of my heart.
You would know my world.

Please don’t forget our love, our life.
My hopes are suddenly lost.

I think that once again, I have lost you.
Every soul is new; every star a sign.

Can you see how I have lost?
If only you knew the dream of a world.

You could see all the pain.
Please don’t forget. If you forget, I lose.

The heart, the dream, the soul, the pain.
It is all one. I am you and you are me.

Can’t you see? Can you see all the pain?
It’s there, it’s hiding.

Once more. Always.
The heart, the dream, the soul, the pain.

If only you knew.

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2 Responses to A Work in Progress

  1. hartsoffice says:

    I believe that I know at least a little! Nice work!

  2. Alan Hardy says:

    Looks good. The refrains + repetitions are working here, in this type/feel of poem good to emphasize that, the refrains and repetitions, then they become like echoes…Very promising.

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