The Power of One Poem

One of my absolute, most favorite books is The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay.  It is amazing. A definite must read if you’ve never looked at it.  I don’t remember why, but in my creative writing class, I wrote a poem about it.  I think it was supposed to be based on a piece of literature that inspired us.

A young boy and his Chicken
Are sitting in a Tree
At a boarding school
Where he doesn’t want to be.

Each night at the school comes
The young boy and his chicken sleep.
Dreams come and dreams go,
The boy tries not to weep.

Each and every morning
The Golden sun rises,
And the young boy
Awakens to Surprises.

The chicken is soiled
And the boy lies in a puddle.
To hide these messes,
In a corner they huddle.

A bully and his gang
Harass behind the school.
The boy and his chicken
Reap the fists so cruel.

Finally a break comes.
His chicken and the boy
Ride the train home
To his nanny with such joy.

An old Witch Doctor
Takes the boy in a dream
To a magical waterfall
And does his work supreme.

The morning puddles are gone
(And for the rest of his life
The boy returns to this place
If ever he’s given grief.)

By the magical waterfall
The young boy sheds his Shame,
And the old Witch Doctor
Gives the boy a new Name.

The black people (who are oppressed)
Chant this new name
Inkosi-Inkosi Kazi
The boy will help them reclaim.

In a prison with Geel Piet*
(he, too, is oppressed)
The boy learns to box
And becomes the best.

The boy grows to be a man.
He helps to free
(Inkosi-Inkosi Kazi)
The oppressed and weary.

Inkosi-Inkosi Kazi
He fights for the right.
A man called Doc is his inspiration.
The fire inside he reignites.

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